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Foto de um garoto vestindo uma saia feita de folhas de bananeiras ressecadas.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/making-the-banana-leaf-skirts/

We arrived at David’s grandfather’s banana plantation after a long hike. Turning left by the cemetery, we walked down a path through the bush, walked past a spring, crossed a bridge, and arrived there to pick the dried leaves we will use on Sunday for Nego Fugido (Runaway Black Boy). Amarelinho, or Lil’ Yellow (as […]

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Foto de um bumba meu boi com um tecido multi-florido.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/playing-with-fear/the-parade-of-the-cardboard-caretas/

By the afternoon, everything has changed: no longer bought or rented from a store, but built artisanally by Dodô’s talented hands, the caretas, or grimaces, parade through the town. Walking into the workshop is like penetrating a mystery, violating a secret. The caretas of Acupe (in the state of Bahia) have their own voice, costumes […]

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Foto com quatro pessoas fantasiadas, ambas vestem máscaras assustadoras.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/come-on-careta-come-on/

Those who walk down the streets of Acupe (in the state of Bahia) on Sundays in July can’t avoid meeting the traditional “rubber Careta (or grimmace).” There are countless people, both children and adults, dressed in frightening masks and outfits and hitting those who provoke them. They appear when you least expect, you turn a […]

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Foto onde cinco crianças estão tocando instrumentos, três estão tocando pandeiro e duas estão tocando tambor.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/the-childrens-samba-de-roda-of-saubara/

Today we went to visit the Children’s Samba de Roda of Saubara, a town next to Acupe. Dona Anna is an old school sambadeira, or samba player. She has spun her skirt and her voice among the best in the samba de roda, a local style of samba music of the Recôncavo Baiano. These days […]

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Foto de um pano multicolorido estendido, que em cima dele tem vários pratos plástico com comida dentro e um copo de plástico com suco ao lado deles, os pratos formam um círculo, no centro tem um prato com três velas acessas.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/its-semptember-its-the-festival-for-cosme-and-damiao/

Ô Cosme cadê Damião?                                             Hey Cosme, where is Damião?         Ô Cosme cadê Damião?                                         […]

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Foto de uma garota estendendo uma bandeira do Brasil.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/the-patriotic-parade-of-the-brave-people-of-acupe/

For days no one has talked about anything other than the parade for the 7th of September. The schools were preparing so intensively that they barely had time for lessons. Rehearsals, marches, making flags, banners and decorations occupied the routine of Acupe. Whenever we called the kids to play we would hear back “we can’t, […]

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Foto com um garoto negro sem camisa ajoelhado, mexe em um chão lamacento.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/bebe-fumo/

On departure the luggage consists of a spoon, a bucket and an empty sack. Upon return, it’s a sack full of bebe fumo. Many families in Acupe support themselves by catching a kind of shellfish that has the curious name of bebe fumo, or smoke drinker. There is a long trip by foot in order […]

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Foto de um barco a vela de brinquedo em um lago.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/little-boats/

Neck deep in water, Felipe never tired of watching his little boat slide around on the whims of the wind and the current. Built with his own hands out of a rubber sandal hull, plastic bag sails and a rudder made from a bent bottle cap, the boat was christened with the name of his […]

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Foto de um garoto negro mexendo em um chão de terra.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/boy-hunters-part-iii/

Is hunting a big boy’s thing? Neto is only 2 years old, the second youngest of nine brothers, an attentive boy with a voracious intellect. As I followed the filming of his older sisters, he was tugging at my clothes and inviting me to look around. I asked him to wait a bit, more worried […]

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Foto de garoto com as mãos levantadas ele solta uma ave.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/boy-hunters-part-ii/

On the way there, everyone walks quickly through the bush, eagerly anxious to see if there is something in the trap they set up days ago. Anxiety also to see if the trap is still there or if it has been stolen by someone, along with the bird. Basically, the anxiety of waiting, of surprise. […]

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Foto ilustrando um garoto segurando um caranguejo com sua mão direita.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/boy-hunters-part-i/

Anxious, with fast movements and speaking quickly, the boys insist on taking us to the mangrove to hunt for gaiamum (a type of crab). It’s Wednesday morning, lunch and school will happen soon, but there is no argument to convince them that this isn’t the best moment. The agreement is that we’ll be quick, find […]

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Foto de um garoto em uma praça empinando uma pipa.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/august-is-the-windy-month/

August is the windy month, and the winds call for bicudas and arraias, or airplanes and kites, in the sky. Acupe is currently covered with children on the docks, the square, in streets and backyards with their eyes turned to the sky and their hands waving deftly, like a maestro conducting his orchestra. The bicudas […]

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Foto de um homem vestindo uma máscara.
Link para: https://territoriodobrincar.com.br/en/library-cat/views-of-the-territory-of-play/manufacturing-fear-the-masks-of-seu-dodo/

Beneath a mango tree, Seu Dodô creates his incredible paper masks. These are masks borne out of a fearful imagination and painted in the colors that belong to it: black, red and white. First the clay is worked, smoothed, and sculpted into frightful shapes. Next, he covers the clay with strips of brown paper mixed […]

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