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Rebeca is a shrewd girl, she always has the right answer on the tip of her tongue. Besides the answers, her tongue is always sharp when it is time to sew, a daily habit in the life of this 7-year-old girl.

She uses her whole body as she sews, from her tongue to her feet, dives into wishful movements, and comes out with stylish dresses for her dolls.





She learned to sew with her late grandmother and today she rescues even old cotton panties to turn them into fine dresses.

She sees the latest fashion designs on television, draws everything on scraps of paper, and then makes countless outfits, with skirts, dresses, tops, even bikinis.


From such hard work came the recognition of her friends, who make requests and leave their dolls at her house for them to get a new wardrobe. The payment is the satisfaction of pleasing and being able to make more and more.



Text and photos: Renata Meirelles

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