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adriana_friedmannAdriana Friedmann
Doctor in anthropology, masters in Education and Pedagogy. Specialist, speaker and consultant in themes related to childhood and play. Founder and coordinator of NEPSID (Center for Study and Research in Symbolism, Childhood and Development). Post-graduate coordinator and professor. Author of various books in the field, including “Linguagens e culturas infantis,” “O desenvolvimento da criança através do brincar” and “A arte do brincar.”

cacauAna Claudia Arruda Leite
Educator, masters in Educational Social Sciences (PUC-SP) and specialist in childhood and adolescence (CLACSO/UNESCO). Has worked in education for 15 years, focusing on childhood and community development. Experienced in creating, managing and consulting socio-educational projects. Education Coordinator at Insituto Alana, member of  the Managing Group at Rede Nacional Primeira Infância and the Advisement Council at Aliança pela Infância. Co-author of the book “Estudos e Reflexões de Lóczy, Organização Mundial para Educação Pré-Escolar (2011) and coordinator of the post-graduate course “Childhood, education and social development” at Instituto Singularidades.

anaAna Lúcia Villela
Trained in pedagogy, with a master’s in Educational Pyschology from PUC/SP. She is an advisor to third-sector institutions, such as Conectas Direitos Humanos, Itaú Cultural, Akatu, and Instituto Brincante. Founder and president of Instituto Alana, a non-profit organization whose mission is to honor children. Also a member of the social entrepreneur group Ashoka.

fernandaFernanda Heinz Figueiredo
With her first feature, the film Sementes do Nosso Quintal, it is as if she completed a “PhD” through her experience in audiovisual production as a result of her 4 years filming and living with the children, teachers, community, and Therezita Pagani at Te-Arte, her first school and her daughters’ current school.

luizaLuiza Helena Tannuri Lameirão
Educator, teacher. Works with Waldorf Pedagogy in training teachers and educators for social initiatives. Coordinator of the Waldorf Teachers Training Center. Guest teacher in various Waldorf Pedagogy courses in Brazil, as well as undergraduate and graduate level courses. Author of the book “Criança Brincando! Quem a educa?” and articles published by Aliança pela Infância.

marcosMarcos Ferreira
Professor of mythology, folklorist and art-educator, lecturer at the school of education at USP, visiting professor in universities in Spain and Latin America, cultivator of bonsai and penjing. Author of the books “Crepusculário,” “Antropolíticas da Educação,” “Aproximações ao Imaginário,” Cantinga leiga para um rio seco e outras mitologias,” and others.

roberta-alvesRoberta Rodrigues Alves
Coordinated and followed the partnership between schools and The Territory of Play Project through her work in the development area at Instituto Alana. Masters in Reflexive Social Practices from the London Metropolitan University in partnership with the Proteus Institute in Cape Town – studies the approach of phenomenology for the interpretation of the social and the human being. Studied psychology at PUC-SP and Physical Education at USP. Worked in the clinical and educational areas – with children in pre-school and adolescents in public school, and in qualitative research.

sandraSandra Eckschmidt
Masters in Education from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. Coordinator of the Escola De Educação Infantil Casa Amarela and Waldorf Pedagogy Training in Florianópolis. Works in the field of childhood, play, children’s education, and autobiographical narratives about childhood. Researcher at the Childhood Culture and Art Center (NICA/UFSC).

soraiaSoraia Chung Saura
Bachelor in Philosophy from the School of Philosophy, Letters, and Humanities at São Paulo University (2001). Masters and Doctorate in Anthropology of the Imaginary from the School of Education at São Paulo University (2008). Doctorate professor at the Department of Pedagogy of Movement of the Human Body at the School of Sports and Physical Education at University of São Paulo (2010). Develops research in the areas of body movement (leisure, physical activity and sport) with a focus on philosophy and anthropology.

uteUte Else Ludovike Craemer
Active member of the Anthroposophic Society in Brazil. Co-founder of the Escola Oficina-Social, Aliança pela Infância in Brazil, Alliance for Childhood in Japan and New Zealand. Advisor of the Parliamentary Council for the Culture of Peace (CONPAZ) in São Paulo. Advisor in projects at Fundação Mahle. Has works published in Portuguese, German, English and Spanish, including books, reports, didactic materials and essays. A lecturer on pedagogy and social questions in Brazil, Europe, United States, Japan, Korea and New Zealand.

11332932Gandhy Piorsky

Artist and researcher of children’s practices, theologian – Federal University of Ceará and Master of Religious Sciences. Areas of research: Anthropology of the Imaginary/Cultural and Symbolic Production.