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To choose a route is to make tough decisions. Selecting one region means leaving out many others. Regional and cultural diversity and the richness of our folk parties were the criteria guiding our choices. Over the course of 21 months, The Territory of Play team visited rural, indigenous and maroon communities, and travelled through large cities, the remote interior and the coast. Here you will find texts, photos, and videos that reveal the many childhoods that exist in this great country.

Pomeranians of Espirito Santo
May and June, 2012
Recôncavo Baiano
July, August and September, 2012
Panará Indigenous Reservation
October and November, 2012
Jequitinhonha Valley – MG
December, 2012
January and February, 2013
Costa da Lagoa – SC
December, 2013
May and April, 2013
June through September, 2013
Jaguarão – RS
October and November, 2013