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Lira is one of those people that contributes to the beauty of the world.

She put two braids in her hair when she was a kid and carries them to this, displaying her roots as a sweet and persistent child.


Lira is a potter, a researcher of the culture of the Jequitinhonha Valley, one of the founders and singers in the Trovadores do Vale group, besides being a lover of the colors and textures of the ground in her land.


As a child, she would admire the care with which her mother made manger figures out of clay to give to her friends and parents, and from that point on she started making her own figures: “First I learned with beeswax, not with clay, because my father was a shoemaker and he had the wax to spread on the seams of the shoe. I thought it was easier to work with the wax. Little by little, I started using clay.” She hasn’t stopped since, and has toured distant lands displaying her work.

Out chat began with her mother’s influence on her pottery career, but it didn’t take much for the conversation to move towards the games of her childhood.

She sang songs when she was a girl and never moved away from them, quite the opposite; she built a vast repertory of nursery rhymes, funereal songs, lullabies and sea shanties.

Thank you, Lira, for this inspiring afternoon, which we will wrap like a gift to be reopened all the time!

Watch the video of this afternoon here.

Photos: David Reeks

Text: Renata Meirelles

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